Words to my Beloved

Just keep breathing my dear,
all these worries and anxieties
are not your own; they are
the after-effects of loving
other people more than yourself.

Smile for me darling, I know you
can do it. Underneath that tarnished
surface you wear is a ray of light that
would put even the sun to shame.

Put your Friday best on babe, and
go paint the town red. You’ll be
sure to turn heads, just be careful
of who you let into your bed.

Guard your ears sweetheart,
because everyone is a critic. Even
the people that know you best don’t
know you half as well as you know

Follow your heart my love, just make
sure not to leave your mind at home.
For even the most well intentioned
people have their own agenda.

And honey, lastly, but most important
of all… Remember the value of words.
Your ideas and opinions matter, but
never wield them with the intent to
harm. They can cut a man deeper
than any blade will.

(Originally written in March 2016)


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