Painfully Speechless 

Say something

Say anything

Say all of it

Or only say what is prudent.

But for God’s sake say it,

Before it starts speaking through your skin.

Before scarlet letters weep crimson tears down your arms.
Say it before you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, shivering on the floor with blood shot eyes.
Say it because

Nothing is worth the price you pay

When you keep quiet…

The slow, quiet decay of sanity as your thoughts ravage your mind.

The bitter resentment towards those that you envy… The people who say what’s on their mind, damning the consequences.

The deep rooted pain in your chest, a tree with its roots wrapped around your lungs… Squeezing tighter with each passing day.
Say it, because you deserve better.

Say it because I love you.

Say it to give yourself a chance at a better life.

No matter the price, no matter the person, no matter the fear that has you frozen in terror.





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