Flames of Desire

Desire is a volatile thing.
With too much, it will drive you mad.

Nothing will be enough.

You will always push for more,

Long for more,

Beg for more…

And anything less than what you desire

Will feel empty,

Cold even.
With too little

Life will be bleak.

The sun will feel dull,

The construct we call time

Will drag like nails across a chalkboard,

And numbness will be your only friend.
Therefore, a balance

Is the key to feeling alive

Without losing yourself.
To feel a longing desire for another,

But recognizing that there will be time

With them later.

To be content in the moment,

Whether with

Or without.
Acknowledging that things could

Be better with them near,

But knowing that their absence

Doesn’t make the moment bad.
Telling them that you love them

Miss them

Desire them,

But not letting those feelings

Destroy who you are

Or push away those you are close to.
To desire is to want;

To want is to live,

To want is to love.
But do not let your desire rule you

Lest it consume you…


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