Empathetic Masqurades

Empathy flairs and rages
Deep within my soul,
Within my heart,
Within my head…

It creates lives
I’ve never lived
And forced me to
Long to live them.

It’s taken in the
Experiences of my friends
And then driven me to
Experience them for myself,
Instead of just enjoying
The second hand high
Of hearing the story.

It latches onto my
Every thought,
Hellbent to make that thought

It unhinges my mind
And throws it up into the clouds,
All the while telling me
That I spend too much time

It is my best friend
And my worst enemy.

It is the reason that
I feel so deeply
And the reason
That I run away from feelings.

It’s a Blessing

It’s a Curse.

To be an Empath
Is to walk in footsteps
That are much more
Than my own…

And to be an Empath
Is to turn hours into days,
Days into weeks,
Weeks into months.

It tears my soul in two
As I ascend to the
Highest heights,
Only to be dragged
To the Deepest lows
In the blink of an eye.

I have wished that
The Empathy would
Be taken away…

But anymore…

I just wish I had more
Control over it.

I long to control
The flow of my life around me,
To take charge of the passage
Of my life.
To cultivate the
Polarity of the soul,
Or shattered.

I desire to distance myself
From the stories of friends,
And to take my thoughts
And to turn them into
Some other story
Of some other life.

I wish for anything…

Anything but the ceaseless
Raging desire
Pent up within my head…


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