Writing Prompt: Guardian Angel 

Tension hung between us as we sat in a booth at the back of an Italian restaurant that Michelle had picked out for our date.
I’d only just met Michelle a few weeks ago; she was in my Biology class at the University. As I looked across at her glowing face I felt myself blush. I opened my mouth to say something, paused, and then went for it.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Confusion flashed across her face. Followed by concern.

“What do you mean? I never fell from Heaven. Wait… Who told you that I was your Angel?!”

I was taken aback by her answer, and was about to ask what the hell she was talking about when I noticed her looking behind me, panic plain on her face.

“Shit,” she muttered. “We’ve got to go, like now!”

She jumped up and grabbed me by the arm; pulling me out of the booth and towards the back door.

I stumbled along behind her, protesting loudly; “Hey! Where are you taking me?! Michelle!!”
“Shut up Josh! They’ll hear you!”

She had pulled me out the back door and was starting to jog down the alley towards the main road. I wrenched free of her grip and stopped, “I’m not taking another step until you tell me what the fuck is going on.”

She stared at me, clearly panicked by the delay.

“We don’t have time Josh, we have to get out of here. Once we’re safe I’ll tell you everything.”

“That’s not good enough,” I huffed.


She deliberated for a few moments, “Fine,” she relented. “But this has to be quick.”

“Good. Now… Who the fuck are you??”

“I’m your Guardian Angel.”

My jaw dropped. “My… Guardian Angel?”

She nodded curtly, looking behind me, clearly distracted.

She glanced at me and sighed heavily.

“Ok, the cliff notes version. I was sent from above to watch out for you. Some very bad people are after you, and I’m hear to keep you safe. When we were in the restaurant they overheard us, and now if we don’t move they will take you and kill me.”

I stared dumbly at her, unable to process what I’d just heard.

“Above… You mean like God?”

“God’s actually, but yes. Can we go now??”

I nodded, still trying to register what she’d just said, even as she pulled me quickly down the alley.

In no time at all she was sitting me down on a couch in a basement of an office building in the heart of the city.

“Ok,” she breathed. “We should be safe here, at least for a little while.

I sat quietly, in shock from what had just happened. “Yo-… You… You said shit in the restaurant!”

She chuckled, “You just found out that your date is an Angel, that you’re being chased, and you’re concerned about my language?”

“I didn’t realize Angels could swear.”

She flowered at me, “Before you even ask it… I do not play a harp.”

I burst out laughing then. “This is all a joke right?? You can’t really be an angel, can you? I mean come on! I met you in Biology, we got a laugh out of dissecting that fetal pig!”

Michelle shook her head at me, “I’m not some white robed freak that flutters around playing music for baby’s with wings. You humans were never very good at recognizing divinity. Though, the Greeks had it closest.”

“Really? How?”

“Heaven isn’t run by some omnipotent dictator, it’s more of a pantheon.”


“A collection of Gods, all of which have claimed control over aspects of the Earth, but are endlessly squabbling over who does what. It’s pretty messy, actually.”

I sat, dumb struck,”Huh…” Was all that I could manage.

After some time passed in silence I finally found my voice. “So… Gods eh? You mean like Zeus, Poseidon, them?”

Michelle shook her head, “Not exactly. The Gods that you are familiar with are just an echo of the true Gods. As ages passed people forgot more and more about the ones they used to serve.”

(Writing prompt taken from Reddit)

“You ask your date ‘did it hurt when you fell from heaven.’ She looks at you with a confused look. ‘I never fell from heaven, who told you that I was your Angel?’ It turns out she is your Guardian Angel.”
This will be fleshed out over time into a full length story.


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