Torn in Half

Every nerve ending is screaming,
Crying out for me to move,
To take action,
To do something other than
Allow these thoughts to spin in my mind…

And yet I still sit in pain,
Making no move forward
Only wallowing in the choice that I must make.

The pros and cons have been weighed,
Advice has been sought,
Patterns have been analyzed,
And the choice seems pretty clear…
But no choice is truly black and white.

And it’s these thoughts that keep me here,
Unable to commit to a choice,
I keep coming up with “What If’s?”
That freeze me in place…

I make excuses that taking more time
To think everything through
Will help me figure things out,
But all it really does is prolong
The pain and anxiety…

The only way this is going to be resolved
Either way
Is to start the conversation…

As they say
There’s no time like the present…
But there’s nothing like the fear
To hold me in place,
Terrified to make a choice.


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