World of Chances

All these thoughts keep haunting me,
And I don’t know how to let them go.
We had a decent year together…
But then the next two nearly killed me.

I did my best to be there for you,
Fought tooth and nail to stand beside you
Through each dark moment,
And gave you more chances outside our relationship
Than I ever gave in it…

But I have none left to give.
You’ve taken each chance and tossed them into the wind,
Speaking the things that should never be said,
Accusing me of things I’ve never done,
Calling me a liar
Because it was easier to call me that
Than to accept the reality of the situation.

I gave you a world of chances for us to be friends,
And you told me that’s all you were trying for…
But I guess you were the liar.

It turns out you were the hypocrite,
Because each time I called you out
You told me that I was focusing on the negative
And forgetting all the good moments…

Yet, you felt it necessary to point out
That I asked you to be my boyfriend,
And that you said it was a bad idea.

You’ve held onto that all this time
As some sort of an out…
As an excuse to justify your behaviors.


I hate to break it to you…
But you are just as much to blame as I am,
And I’m done being responsible for your actions,
For your mistakes,
For your words.

I am done.


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