What Comes After “Nice to Meet You”

Isn’t it funny
When you first meet someone,
It’s like the stars aligned.
All of a sudden
All the insecurities that
Have been pent up inside
Holding you back from caring
Melt away.

For one magical moment
You see each other
As you desire to be.
There’s no need to impress,
They’re as madly into this
As you are.
There are no worries to be had
No lasting impression
To concern yourself with,
Just this


You step into the next moment
And suddenly the light airy high
Has turned into something deeper
Something burning,

But with that, comes everything
That you thought you’d
Left behind
When you met.

You realize that you aren’t just dating
The person across from you
You’re dating their inner demons now too.

It’s one big
Polyamorous pool of

It’s nights in bed
Where you lie naked
Next to them
And it’s just not close enough.

It’s the fear of rejection
Regardless of whether
They’ve ever rejected you before
Or they’ve almost made
A habit of it.

It’s dotting I’s
And crossing T’s
Making sure that the things you say
Are the right ones
And being terrified
Of putting your foot in your mouth.

It’s happiness
It’s loneliness
It’s keeping up with the pace
And ensuring that you both know
What that looks like.

It’s when enough
Is never enough.

And yet,
They are enough.
You find yourself in their arms
You feel that high again,
And you sleep easy at night
Because you know that
There’s this
Thing called love
And that is what matters…

More than anything else
What matters is that the person
Next to you
Is the one you’ve fallen
Madly in love with.


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