Challenging Familiarity

Like a word
Stuck on the tip of your tongue,
Or curiosity
Coursing through your veins
This feeling screams
A silent plea;
A mystery
Begging to be solved.

One moment it’s like
And the next
Its fire in your veins.

Before long it’s a clock
Ticking in a silent room…
Familiarity demanding to be heard.

And then,
You know it’s true.
You’ve been here before.

Look there!
A shadowed chandelier
Sways above in the breeze
Soft trills of music
Dancing through the candles.

You hear the faint heartbeat
And it clicks.

And clicks
Like shoes across
A hardwood floor,
Like hard truths
Whispered in your ear,
Like bones


Life is not a dreamscape.
Life is a challenge.

It’s laughing too loudly
Or saying what’s on your mind.
It’s having opinions
And not basing them off
What people around you say.
It’s hard decisions,
It’s individuality,
It’s knowing that no one
Can tell you how to live your life
Except for you.

Life is a paradox
And a masterpiece.

But also,
It’s a choice…
And none of your options
Are the ones they handed to you.

Life is yours,
So what are you going to do with it?


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