Opening Arguements

Welcome to my blog.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ian… However you may also have known me as Matthew, or even Ella.
I’m an aspiring writer who spends far too much time with my head in a hurricane, rendering my thoughts nearly incoherent on the best of days.

This blog is a recurring idea that I play with every year or two, and I’m giving it another go in hopes of greater success this time than my last attempt.

Contained within this blog will be my musings and stories, however you should proceed with caution, for this blog is a way of mirroring what I’m trying to do in my life. I have never been more honest than when I’m writing, and I am teaching myself how to be that honest when I’m speaking and interacting with people, so the things that you will read here are thoughts, feelings, and ideas that stem from the deepest and least filtered parts of myself; places I don’t usually let out into the light of day. If you aren’t prepared to expose yourself to the unfiltered thoughts of a mildly mad man, than I would strongly suggest that you close this website and pick up a nice book, or go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

However, if you aren’t scared away by that idea, than I warmly welcome you to take a stroll through and see what strangely normal things I’m working through (I swear, being an old soul in a young body has it’s major draw backs…)

Ever yours – Ian